A Customized Staff Training

Developed and regularly updated by specialist lawyers, we offer the most up to date and cost effective online training!

Each and every business has a critical responsibility they must upheld, to provide a harmonious, safe and healthy work environment, for all employees.  Chandler Training wishes to assist all business owners in combating the risk of employees encountering health and safety breaches, accidents and injuries.

Take the time, money and effort to invest in Staff Training courses with Chandler Training!

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (the Act) requires employers to provide such training to employees as is necessary to enable the employees to perform their work in a manner that is safe and without risks to health.

To help in combating the issue of poor time and small budgets, Chandler Training are industry leaders in providing stress free, easy and cost effective staff training.

Each module we enrol your employees in, has been constructed to be highly engaging and legally complaint. Our modules educate employees on lifelong skills and responsibility’s; they can carry throughout their professional working careers. All our staff training courses are reviewed and regularly updated by leading Australian specialist lawyers.

We can guarantee our Staff training Courses will:

Prevent workplace accidents and injuries

Assist in your workplace complying to health and safety laws

Educate employees through informative modules

Why is Training Important?

Employees are the greatest assists to your company; they are the most important determinant to achieving your objectives.

Training is a great way for positive and productive good work practices, to be implemented and practiced daily. Investing in effective employee training will increase skills, knowledge, productivity and morale as well as reduce workplace incidents.


What is the first step?

When committing to Chandler Training, you are guaranteed exceptional and speedy service and high quality training modules.

The first part of training entails the development of a “training plan” for each employee you choose to enrol in our courses. We aim to identify your employees’ training needs.  We approach this task with great care and diligence, analysing the difference between the skills and knowledge of an individual or group and the skills and knowledge they require to carry out a particular task. We look at ways we can upskill employees to hopefully progress further within your business. We provide them with the knowledge and the skills to tackle tasks outside of their comfort zone and face challenges head on.

There are so many benefits to online training, so why not look us up online or APPLY today on 9656 9777!

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